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Feeling Dotty


I’ve had dots on my nails for the past week, since Easter Sunday, in fact, when I donned a lilac polish with a white dot pattern. Spotty nails are something I’ve been a fan of since I first began wearing polish when I was a young teen, using the end of an orange stick to create a multi-colour of dotty delights. I’ve mixed from lines of spots to random dots in lots of colours, to even using them to create fireworks. I’ve done it all (mostly). But before my spotty Easter creation it had been a while since I’d sported the trend, so I thought I’d take a look around Pinterest to see how everyone else was wearing it and maybe even bring you one I’d created myself. So, here it is, a selection of gorgeous Pinterest manicures along with my own Spring inspired one.

Dotty Nails 1

What you’ll need

A base/top coat

A selection of colourful nail polishes (I used 5 in total)

A needle or other dotting tool

A surface which you can get polish on (I used cardboard)

Dotty Nails 2

Dotty Nails 3

1) Choose your base colour. You can choose any of the colours you want – I chose lilac.

Dotty Nails 4

2) Paint your base coat onto each nail. Allow to completely dry.

Dotty Nails 5

3) Once you’ve decided on your base colour paint two coats on each nail, allowing to dry completely in between coats.

Dotty Nails 6

Dotty Nails 7

4) Put a drop of each nail colour onto the cardboard. Dip the needle or dotting tool into the spot of paint and use it to put varying sizes of dots into the corner of each nail.

Dotty Nails 8

Dotty Nails 9

5) Continue using the remaining colours to add dots to the corners of your nails. I did approximately four dots per colour, per nail.

Dotty Nails 10

6) Finish with a top coat. Voila, you have your colourful, dotty creation.

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