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Father’s Day lunch


In our family we love any excuse to get together, so this weekend we used the occasion of Father’s Day to have a lovely meal and catch-up. For our lunch we visited the countryside pub, The Bush Inn, in St. Hilary’s, which in the past has been the setting of an episode of the BBC drama, Sherlock.

After food we went for a little explore of the surrounding village, taking time to admire the thatch-roof cottages and postcard-ready scenery.

The history of the places could really be felt in the grounds of the church with it’s beautiful architecture. Lucy and I are both fans of all things spooky, so when we saw this photo with the eerie-looking shadow in the doorway we convinced ourselves in was the presence of something ghostly, but as you may have guessed it was a rather rainy day so I think it may be something as innocent as a raindrop.

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