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Fancy Friday


 all photograph credit: Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg

These wonderfully magical photographs, ‘cinemagraphs’ in fact come courtesy of New York City-based fashion photographer Jamie Beck and visual designer Kevin Burg, who have created these wonderful moving pictures. I’m sure you’ve all come across traditional animations, which shows moving graphics in picture format, but this is totally different – somehow they’ve managed to take a still photograph and make it appear as though just small elements are alive! I personally can’t get enough of them and have spent a considerable amount of time checking out all of their offerings, over at Beautiful Life blog. I’ve just posted a few of my personal favourites above, but I love each and every one and I highly recommend each and every one of you do the same, and allow yourself to be overwhelmed with the pretty and magical whimsy they conjure up. If only we could all be this talented, eh?

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