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Easter Weekend – Trip to London: Part 2


You may have seen my post last week about my recent trip to London, giving you details on where we stayed and all the food and drink we indulged on. Now I thought I’d share some info on some of the tourist attractions we visited and where we spent some of our hard-earned cash.

What we saw:

We didn’t manage to get much sight-seeing down on the Thursday as the weather was pretty rubbish, and after a morning of travelling all we wanted to do was go for some lunch and browse to a few shops. The majority of our sight-seeing was done on the Friday, when the sunny decided to grace us with its presence all day long. We started by circling the Tower of London as that was only a 5 minute walk from our hotel, we then made our way over Tower Bridge, pausing to take a few selfies. Next on the agenda was Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, and from there we walked through St. James’s Park, on to Buckingham Palace, down the Mall to Trafalgar Square. It was a great opportunity to visit many of the places I haven’t seen in years, and has definitely made me excited about visiting London again in the next few months.

Where we shopped:

The main aim of the visit was for me and my fiancé to purchase his wedding band from Cartier so that was our first stop after lunch when we arrived. It proved to be a worthwhile trip as the ring was just as beautiful in person as it was online, so we bought it straight away. Most of our shopping was then done on the Friday when we visited Kikki.K, Forever21, Skinny Dip, Ralph Lauren, Church’s and others. All that retail therapy resulted in us walking over 28,000 steps, as clocked up on my Fitbit, so it was also a good workout!

Tower of London

Tower Bridge

Fountains by The Thames

Big Ben

Westminster Abbey

St James's Park

Buckingham Palace

Trafalgar Square

Kikki.K store

Skinny Dip store


Office in Selfridges

Ready for dinner

Tower of London at night

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