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Easter Ideas: Treat Box


Easter Ideas: Treat Box

I feel like Easter is the kind of holiday where kids should get involved in all the crafting. Everything is so colourful and filled with chocolate that how can they not want to be included in the festivities? That’s where super simple crafts come in, as they can feel like they’ve created something entirely on their own and come up with something pretty and practical at the end of it. These sweet little treat boxes fit the bill a treat, as they take the minimal amount of time to make, look so cute and fun and can be used for many Easters to come. And because all you need is a little cardboard box, a tiny amount of paint, some glue and pastel coloured buttons, it’s pretty much as cheap a craft as you can get. My cardboard box cost less than £1, but you can probably get them cheaper if you buy in bulk, and I think the paint and buttons should be in light, pastel colours, just to capture the feel of Spring and Easter.


  • A small oval shaped cardboard box
  • Paint, preferably in a light, pastel shade
  • Craft glue
  • A selection of buttons
  1. Paint a light coat of paint on the outside of the box and on the top and sides of the lid. Don’t worry about painting the inside, the cardboard finish looks pretty nice. Leave to dry.
  2. Paint a light coat of craft glue on the top of the lid and then arrange a selection of buttons on top, adjusting as necessary so that most of the space is filled. Some of the buttons might slightly hang over the edge, but the basic egg/oval shape will be shown so don’t worry. Also, try not to leave too much space in between the buttons, but a little won’t matter as the paint makes a lovely background.
  3. Let it dry and fill the box with little Easter treats. As it’s quite small, you will only get a few eggs or coins in there, which is great if you’re trying to limit the amount of treats you’re handing out. You could opt to fill it with something other than chocolate if you’d rather, anything that fits really.

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