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Easter Ideas: Spotted Egg Cookie Pops


Egg Cookie Pops

This is such a super simple recipe and it’s a colourful and fun treat for anyone to give a go, that’s there really is no excuse for not whipping up a little batch of these. You could even get kids involved, considering how easy it is.


  • Raw cookie dough (without the chocolate chips)
  • Sugar coated chocolate candy (such as Smarties)
  • Pop sticks
  1. Split the cookie dough into even sized pieces. Make oval shapes out of the dough, place them onto greased baking trays and flatten them lightly.
  2. Push a few sugar coated pieces of chocolate into the top of each cookie.
  3. Push a pop stick into the base of each cookie, ensuring it’s in at least 2cm.
  4. Bake as you would normally, cooling on a wire rack.

Egg Cookie Pops 2

Egg Cookie Pops 3

Egg Cookie Pops 4

Egg Cookie Pops 5

Photo Credit: Lucy


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