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Easter Ideas: Egg Garland


Egg Garland

You’ll know by now that I’m a garland fan (Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day), so why wouldn’t I give one a go for Easter?! Again, this is so incredibly simple that it can barely be considered a DIY, but it’s something you’re making yourself that will make your home look pretty this season, so let’s not worry about the technicalities. You just need a needle, some thread and some appropriately shaped eggs for this project, and how far you go with it is up to you. I used two types of eggs for this: one was some pre-painted speckled foam, and one was yellow, glitter baking clay, which I pierced using a needle. Done.


  • Baking clay
  • Foam eggs
  • Needle
  • Cotton
  1. Divide the baking clay into even pieces – I got 5 eggs out of mine, but if you make them a little smaller then you’ll get more.
  2. Pierce each egg with a needle to create a hole through the egg before baking according to the packet’s instructions.
  3. Once baked and cooled, collect together, alongside any other eggs you’ve chosen to use. Alternatively thread each type of egg onto the cotton using the needle, for as long as you want your garland to be.
  4. Hang in an appropriate spot in your home and enjoy.

Egg Garland 2

Egg Garland 3

Egg Garland 4

Egg Garland 5

Egg Garland 6

Egg Garland 7

Egg Garland 8

Egg Garland 9

Egg Garland 10

Photo Credit: Lucy


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