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Easter Ideas: Egg Painted Tote Bag


Egg Painted Tote Bag

I’ve had a go at making printed canvas bags before (here and here), as they are such an easy little DIY project. Those bags were made using transfer paper, my printer and Photoshop, but this one is even more simple, as it’s been made with fabric paint and buttons. It’s just an easy Easter craft that can hold all the little chocolate goodies that we all crave over the holidays, so give it a go.


  • A cotton tote bag
  • 2 pieces of white card
  • Fabric paint
  • A selection of buttons
  • Glue and scissors
  1. Make a template by drawing a couple of egg shapes onto a piece of white card and cutting out the centres.
  2. Place the other piece of card inside the tote bag to stop the fabric paint from seeping through to the back.
  3. Place the template on top of the tote bag and paint over the egg shapes with fabric paint using a paint brush. Move the template around and paint as many eggs on as you like.
  4. Leave the paint to dry.
  5. If you want your tote bag to be washable you’ll want to seal on the paint using an iron (follow the individual instructions on your paint).
  6. Glue or sew on a variety of buttons to decorate the eggs and the empty spaces in between (sew them on if you want the bag to be washable, otherwise just use craft paint).
  7. Leave it all to dry before using it to carry around all your Easter goodies.

Egg Painted Tote Bag 2

Egg Painted Tote Bag 3

Egg Painted Tote Bag 4

Egg Painted Tote Bag 5

Egg Painted Tote Bag 6

Egg Painted Tote Bag 7

Egg Painted Tote Bag 8

Photo Credit: Lucy

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