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DIY: Valentine’s Straws


DIY Valentine's Straws

I’m mostly about simplicity here. I want you to be able to pop along to this here blog and take away ideas that you can do yourself, sometimes in a matter of minutes, with a few uncomplicated items. And these DIY Valentine’s straws fall neatly into this category. With just a needle, some thread, a bit of felt and a straw, you have the cutest decoration for any Valentine’s beverage. I went with the classic red and white striped straw and some pink and red felt and am super happy with the adorable result. Give it a go yourself, literally one of the easiest ways to Valentine’s up your drinks this February.

DIY Valentine's Straws 1

DIY Valentine's Straws 2

DIY Valentine's Straws 3

DIY Valentine's Straws 4

All you have to do is cut out a bunch of hearts in different sizes from any kind of felt you like, place a straw in between two hearts of the same size and colour and hand sew a couple of stitches either side of the straw to keep it in place. Repeat for as many straws as you like. Voila. All is done and your straws are beautiful.

DIY Valentine's Straws 5

DIY Valentine's Straws 6

DIY Valentine's Straws 7

photo credit: Lucy

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