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DIY: Valentine’s Felt Heart Garland


Felt Heart Garland

Valentine’s Day is on the way and I thought I’d start early with the DIYs this year, so here’s the first, in the form of  a felt heart garland. This is super easy to make – you pretty much just need felt and a sewing machine – and it looks lovely and festive hung up around the place. Here’s how it’s done.

You’ll need:
Two 20cm x 20cm pieces of felt, in alternative colours
Paper or card
Marker pen
Sewing machine fitted with white cotton

Felt Heart Garland 1

Make three different sized hearts out of paper – the easiest way to do this is to fold the paper in half and draw on three half hearts of varying sizes, before cutting them out.

Felt Heart Garland 2

Felt Heart Garland 3

Felt Heart Garland 4

Felt Heart Garland 5

Place the heart on top of the felt, draw around it with a marker pen and cut it out. Cut out three hearts of each different size in both colours, so that you end up with 18 hearts.

Felt Heart Garland 6

Felt Heart Garland 7

Line up your hearts on a table, mixing up the sizes and colours as you go. Before you start sewing, leave a few inches of cotton loose so that you can hang the garland. You then need to feed each heart into the sewing machine, so that the stitching sits about a third way down each heart. Please be careful not to get your fingers in there!

Felt Heart Garland 8

Felt Heart Garland 9

Keep going with each heart until you’ve used each one and then leave a few more inches of cotton at the end, once all of your hearts have been sewn, just to ensure more hanging room.

Felt Heart Garland 10

Felt Heart Garland 11

Hang it wherever you choose – I used a spot which previously held a Christmas garland, so that the hooks were already in place – that way I just created two hoops of cotton at each end of the garland to hook on.

Felt Heart Garland 12

Felt Heart Garland 13

photo credit: Lucy

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