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DIY: Quote Canvases


Furnishing a new home is expensive work, there’s no denying it. So, saving some money wherever possible will be welcomed by any new home owner. I decided that rather than go out and buy expensive canvases to decorate the wall of the second bedroom, I would attempt to make some artwork myself, in the colours that I plan to use when we move in come July. Coral, lime green and a bright pink were my chosen colours and a selection of popular sayings were my inspiration for the content. Take a look, see what you think, and if you feel inspired to make your own, then simply follow the instructions.

DIY Canvas 1

What you’ll need:

Lyrics or quote printed onto an A4 label sheet

Blank canvases

Scissors or other cutting tool

Tester pot of chosen paint colour

Painting tool (I used a sponge tool, but you can use a large brush if you like)

Small paintbrush

Small bottle of white paint

Canvas 1

1. ) The first step involves cutting out your letters as carefully as possible. I used small scissors as they are easy to maneuver around the small letters. In fact, I even cut each strip of letters out first, so that each letter was more accessible.

Canvas 2

Canvas 3

2. ) At this point, its not vital that it is super neat, as long as the edges of the letters are pretty much smooth. Then place the letters, in order, onto the canvas, in a position that’s as close to centre as you get.

Canvas 4

3. ) Carefully peel off the backing of each letter, sticking them into place, and trying to ensure the edges are stuck as firmly as possible.

Canvas 5

Canvas 6

4. ) Put you chosen colour of paint onto a small plate, so that’s easier to use than in a pot. Then begin painting, first covering all the letters.

Canvas 7

Canvas 8

Canvas 9

5. ) Then paint the rest of the canvas in your chosen colour, ensuring the paint is evenly covered over the whole area. I recommend painting a second coat once the first in completely dry.

Canvas 10

Canvas 11

6. ) Once both coats of paint are dry, you need to remove the letters. I found that the most effective way to do this was using a needle. Be very careful if you do this.

Canvas 12

7. ) The edges of the letters won’t be perfect, don’t worry about this, we will fix that.

Canvas 13

8. ) Use your small paintbrush and white paint to fill in the letters at the edges, getting rid of all the imperfections you don’t want. It’s up to you how much you paint over and how much you leave.

Canvas 14

9. ) All done. Now repeat the process if you want more than one canvas. I did three. Take a look.

Canvas 15

Canvas 16

Canvas 17

photo credit: Lucy

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