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DIY: Printed Canvas Bag


DIY Printed Bag

This is a super useful, super cute DIY, which costs just a couple of bucks and which makes a gorgeous gift for a loved one. In fact, this was one of the gifts that I gave my sister for her birthday yesterday, and something that I will definitely be making for myself in the next week or so. And you can pretty much do any design you want, as long as you can print it out and iron it on. Take a look below for full instructions.

A good-quality canvas or cotton tote bag
Transfer paper
Tea towel

Printed Bag 1

Printed Bag 2

Create a design using photoshop, or similar image software, remembering to flip the image horizontally before printing onto transfer paper.

Printed Bag 3

Carefully cut out the design and decide how you want it to look by placing it on a surface in front of you.

Printed Bag 4

Place a tea towel in the bag to protect the surface you’re working on, ensuring that there are no creases in that or the bag before placing your design printed side down onto the canvas.

Printed Bag 5

Iron the design carefully, ensuring that you reach every part of it with the hottest part of the iron. Of course, the instructions of your transfer paper could be different but mine called for the hottest setting to be used and the amount of time spent ironing the design be between 60 and 90 seconds.

Printed Bag 6

Peel off the paper carefully, ensuring the design has completely transferred. To set the design you should wash the bag inside out on 40 degrees. Please don’t ask why I have two random spots of saturated colour on the word ‘lovely’, my printer just decided to do this during the printing process – I have no idea why.

Printed Bag 7

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