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DIY: Patterned Prints


DIY: Patterned Prints

I’ve been thinking about creating one or two gallery walls in my house over the past couple months, probably one above my desk in the second bedroom and one in the blank space above the dining table. In order to fill these spaces, I don’t really want to have to spend too much money on prints, as it could turn into a pretty expensive endeavour. Of course, I will be purchasing a few, and I know that I’ll love to buy the work of some hugely talented artists, but in order to fill a few more of the frames I’ve owned for a couple years, I’ve decided to use resources I already have. After buying some designer papers from Project Life recently and getting some scrapbook papers free in magazines I’ve also bought, I thought it might be fun to use some of the gorgeous patterned pieces as artwork for my walls. And I love how they turned out. I’ve used a bunch of different sized frames, and have had some fun with the colours, and the best bit was how super simple it was to do. I simply drew around the picture that originally came in the frame onto the back of the patterned paper I wanted to use, cut it out and popped it behind the glass at the front. I haven’t quite figured out the placements yet, and I do need to get some prints sorted, but until then, I’m happy with starting my collection and look forward to adding some more pieces.

DIY: Patterned Prints 1

DIY: Patterned Prints 2

DIY: Patterned Prints 3

DIY: Patterned Prints 4

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