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DIY: Marquee Lighting


DIY Marquee Lighting 11

I’d always planned on using marquee letters at my wedding. A few months ago I’d picked up some miniature wooden letters with the view to drilling the holes myself, filling them with some fairy lights and finishing them off with a bit of paint. That was until I discovered Marquee Love by Heidi Swapp, and it made my life a whole lot simpler. These white cardboard letters come with the holes already drilled, the LED lights already supplied and all I have to do is decorate them to my heart’s content. The letters come with a template that can be used to trace and cut out different card and paper in the specific shape to fit, and this will be perfect for after the wedding when I want to use the letters in my house and can use paper more suited to the room’s colour scheme. For now I have chosen to decorate them using shimmer paint to fit with the pink, lilac and baby blue theme. Here’s how I got on.


  • Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Lettering set
  • Thin white cardboard
  • Paint
  • Plate for the paint
  • Sponge brush
  1. Start by drawing around the shape template provided in the set of your chosen letter/number/shape on to thin white card, and cut it out.
  2. Paint the shape in your chosen colour.
  3. Once dry, push the clear bulb caps provided through the holes in your cardboard cut-out, then place the cut-out into your shape and push the bulb caps through the holes in the letter/number/shape.
  4. Next, turn your shape over and thread the lights as instructed in your set.
  5. Add 2x AAA batteries and light it up!

DIY Marquee Lighting 1

  DIY Marquee Lighting 2

DIY Marquee Lighting 3

DIY Marquee Lighting 4

DIY Marquee Lighting 5

DIY Marquee Lighting 6

DIY Marquee Lighting 7

DIY Marquee Lighting 8

DIY Marquee Lighting 9

DIY Marquee Lighting 10

DIY Marquee Lighting 12

DIY Marquee Lighting 13

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