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DIY: Instagram Gift Box


DIY: Instagram Gift Box

This is such a simple DIY, but is still sure to be treasured by the recipient, as it’ll contain their treasured memories packaged up in the prettiest way. I love receiving photo gifts and I also love giving them to others, so this crafty DIY is right up my street. I printed these images using Polagram, which I reviewed here, just to give you an idea about the quality of these prints I’m using. Here you go on the simple steps.


  • Box big enough for 4×4 prints
  • Decorative accessories (tape, glitter, letters, etc)
  • Box filling / shredded paper
  • Prints
  1. Fill your box with the shredded paper, enough so that the prints sit will sit nicely on top.
  2. Decorate the lid of your box with lots of nice pretty things. I used gold detail washi tape, some gold glitter dots and some gold sticky letters. All were a couple of pound and were things I had around the house in my craft box.
  3. Pop your prints inside, close the box up and hand to the recipient.

DIY: Instagram Gift Box 2

DIY: Instagram Gift Box 3

DIY: Instagram Gift Box 4

DIY: Instagram Gift Box 5

DIY: Instagram Gift Box 6

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