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DIY: Honeymoon Memory Box


Honeymoon Memory Box

After my amazing sister made us a memory box after our wedding (see here), I knew I’d have to do something similar with bits and pieces we collected from our honeymoon so that they could hang somewhere together and bring back all kinds of amazing memories. This past week I sat down with all the little things that represented the best times we had and made a new box ready to be displayed. Here’s a little of the process, in case you’re thinking of making something similar.

Honeymoon Memory Box 2

The first thing I did was collect together everything I wanted to include, too much in fact, so I could see what worked and leave out anything I wasn’t 100% about. This included a few photo booth photos and instant prints from my Instax, as well as pressed coins, a Mickey straw and a badge we got in Magic Kingdom on the first day. Everything else came from scrapbooking supplies I already had, including some 3×4 and 6×4 cards and a few embellishments.

Honeymoon Memory Box 3

Honeymoon Memory Box 4

I used either the pins included within the memory box or some double sided sticky dots to adhere everything to the background in just the right place. Everything overlaps but is still clearly visible and is a good mixture of us and the locations we visited, so I’m happy with the way it comes across.

Honeymoon Memory Box 5

Honeymoon Memory Box 6

Yes, our honeymoon was much more than just Walt Disney World, but it felt like just the right theme for this box given the little things we had and the main purpose of our trip. I’m currently making a photo book to capture the whole thing, so that will include much more, but this is the perfect memento to solidify some of those happiest memories.

Honeymoon Memory Box 7


  • Approx. 12×12 memory box
  • Pins and adhesive
  • Crate Paper Journey Die Cut Wood Pieces
  • Single Stories Enchanted Self-Adhesive Bradz
  • A variety of┬ájournalling cards
  • Little mementos (photos, tokens, tickets, pins, etc)

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