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DIY: Hen party badges



With Lucy’s hen weekend only a few months away, it’s sure to come around quick, so I’ve decided to make a start on some of the lovely bits and pieces we will be taking with us to let everyone know what we’re celebrating. The first is some cute badges adorned with Lucy’s gorgeous face. They’re a really simple idea that everyone in the party will enjoy wearing.


What You’ll Need

  • 2 small rectangles of stiff paper
  • 1 strip of material (1in x 15ins)
  • 3 different ribbons (5 inches in length)
  • 1 photo of the bride cut into a circle (2ins x 2ins)
  • 1 tiny bow embellishment for decoration
  • 1 bar pin badge back


Fold your first rectangle of paper into a concertina effect along the shortest edge, making your way down the length of the rectangle until you come to the end. Do the same with your second rectangle.



Next bunch up the concertina shape and fold the strip in half and glue together the two edges that meet to create a semi-circle.



Do the same to your other concertina strip so that you have two semi-circles. Then glue the two semi-circles together along the two straight edges.



Next, add glue around the back edge of your photo circle and start sticking your strip of fabric, bunching it as you go. Don’t worry if it’s not uniform or perfectly neat, it adds to the homemade feel of your badge.



Add glue to the back of your material-backed photo and stick this to your concertina circle, making sure to press down so that it’s stuck down well.



Next, at one end of each of your ribbon strips, cut a small triangle to create two pointed edges. I put the thickest ribbon in the middle of the three so that I could stick the smaller ones to it at the top, this makes it easier to attach to the badge in one go.



Lastly, stick your bar pin to the back of your badge and add any extra embellishments to the front. I chose a small cream bow to add a little extra cuteness.


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