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DIY: Halloween Garlands


Halloween Garlands

These are the simplest of decorations for the home around Halloween. Very much a cheerful, festive type of decoration, rather than anything spooky or gothic, and they cost just a couple bucks, as they require so few materials. And we all know those kinds of DIYs suit me down to the ground, so if you fancy something cost friendly and easy to put together, read on.

Halloween Garlands 1

Halloween Garlands 2

Halloween Garlands 3

Halloween Garlands 4

Halloween Garlands 5

For the first garland you need:

– A packet of coloured pom poms (in halloween shades)

– Black thread and a sewing needle

To put it together, all you need to do is start by making a knot in the cotton a few inches from the end. Thread one pom pom onto the cotton using the sewing needle – it should stop at the knot (if it doesn’t just make the knot a little bigger). Continue making knots and threading on pom poms until you had as many as you want – I did 3 of each of the 5 colours. I varied the distance between the pom poms for a more festive look.

Halloween Garlands 6

Halloween Garlands 7

Halloween Garlands 8

Halloween Garlands 9

Halloween Garlands 10

To make the second garland you need:

– Wool in two colours

Using one colour, wrap wool around three of your fingers until its several layers thick. Cut the wool at the top of your fingers, and use another length of wool to tie the threads together tightly in the middle – the threads will fan out into a pom pom shape. Do this several times, using the long piece of wool to tie each pom pom up and attach them to each other.

Halloween Garlands 11

Halloween Garlands 12

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