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DIY: Gold Alphabet Magnets


Gold Alphabet Magnets

I always like to add a bit of interest to those rooms in my home which are pretty generic, like the bathroom or the kitchen – the rooms that have more functionality and can sometimes lack a little personality. My kitchen is pretty small, it just about fits all the necessary pieces of equipment (fridge, oven, washing machine) and storage space, so I do try and add some interest where I can, like a portion of chalkboard space on the back of the door. This time I wanted to add a little something to the fridge, to use as something both pretty and practical and so I thought some revamped alphabet letter magnets might be just the trick. And they turned out great, I’m really enjoying making words and phrases, as well as sticking little notes up. A lovely addition to the kitchen, for a couple of pounds and an hour or less of time.


  • Alphabet magnets (I got two packs from Amazon)
  • Sand paper
  • Newspaper
  • Gold spray paint
  1. Place newspaper on an outside work space.
  2. Put the magnets on the newspaper, a few centimetres apart.
  3. Lightly spray the letters with paint, keeping the can approximately 30cm away from the items you are spraying. Allow to dry.
  4. Repeat the spray painting until you have covered all of the letters thoroughly and you can’t see the original colours through the paint. This will take 3 to 4 light coats.
  5. Allow to dry thoroughly before sticking to the fridge.

Please note: This is not a craft project for children.

Gold Alphabet Magnets 2

Gold Alphabet Magnets 3

Gold Alphabet Magnets 4

Gold Alphabet Magnets 5

Gold Alphabet Magnets 6

Gold Alphabet Magnets 7

Gold Alphabet Magnets 8

Gold Alphabet Magnets 9

Photo Credit: Lucy

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