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DIY: Glitter Shoes


In honour of my sister’s hen celebrations this coming weekend I have decided to share with you my second DIY craft tutorial since we started the blog. I made the decision to try and customise a pair of shoes when my sister decided that her theme for the weekend away would be ‘Sparkle in the City’ and I couldn’t afford to buy a new pair of shoes for the occasion. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to start putting together some more DIY posts for the blog, so I set about updating an old pair of velvet style shoe-boots I already owned. Here’s the finished product of what I came up with:

Glitter Shoes 1

Glitter Shoes 2

¬†What do you think of them? I think they’re pretty perfect for a girly night out, and if you want to do this to a pair of your shoes, then just follow the steps below!

Glitter Shoes 3

What you’ll need: A pair of shoes; Permanent spray adhesive; gold glitter; newspaper (to protect your work surface and to make it easier to put spilt glitter back in the bottle).

Glitter Shoes 4

First, fill your shoes with scrunched up newspaper to protect the inside of your shoes as much as possible. Make sure the surface of your shoes are clean and dry.

Glitter Shoes 5

With the can about 10-15cm from the shoe spray as much of the surface as you want to cover with glitter. I started with about half of the main body of the shoe. Try to avoid spraying it onto your hands, it’s very sticky stuff!

Glitter Shoes 6

Pour the glitter over the shoe to your heart’s content; I would say the more glitter you use at this point, the better!

Glitter Shoes 7

I would recommend leaving the shoe on its side at this point to let the glitter settle and the adhesive dry.

Glitter Shoes 8

Put the shoe right side off so that the excess glitter falls away – shake a little if you fancy! Continue the steps above until you’ve covered the entire shoe.

Glitter Shoes 9

Leave your shoes to dry – I put them outside to dry more quickly in the sun. At this point you can cover the first coat of glitter with clear laquer to seal it. I would highly recommend this step, as the glitter really does need to be sealed together to stop it from coming off when irritated.

You are then free to repeat all of the steps above depending on how many layers of glitter you want, or how patchy your first couple of layers are. I used two adhesive-glitter-lacquer layers and it seems to have worked really well – I’m sure I could do another layer, but they’ve still got a home-made look about them and I kinda like that.

Glitter Shoes 10

Glitter Shoes 11

Glitter Shoes 12

photo credit: Lucy

Hints and tips for this project:

– I used shoes made from a velvet like material. The can of adhesive states that it can be used on several different types of fabric, but I’ve yet to try them, so can’t say for sure that they will work as well.

– The glitter may crack slightly when you put the finished shoes on. This is almost guaranteed to happen due to the flexibility of fabric shoes, but this is nothing to worry about and adds to the authenticity and doesn’t make them look any less effective.

– If using laquer I highly recommend using it outdoors – the fumes are pretty strong and I don’t recommend inhaling them!

– Enjoy your new shoes!

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