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DIY: Felt Cup Sleeve


DIY Felt Cup Sleeve

A useful DIY is always a good thing in my book, and so this Valentine’s DIY is a cup sleeve, which is great from protecting your hand from the warm contents of a coffee cup. It is made using the same pieces of felt used for the Valentine’s garland and the Valentine’s straws, which have been featured over the last couple of weeks and is, once again, super simple. This too just requires a little bit of sewing to create something really pretty, so why don’t you give it a go?

DIY Felt Cup Sleeve 1

The first step is to measure your piece of felt by wrapping it around your chosen cup, cutting it to the appropriate length (the width is two inches). Then stitch a simple border on both of the longest edges (I used a sewing machine for this, but you can hand stitch it if you’d prefer).

DIY Felt Cup Sleeve 2

Next, hand stitch the felt where the two ends meet when wrapped around the cup.

DIY Felt Cup Sleeve 3

You should now cut out three different sized hearts – the largest and the smallest in one colour, and the middle size in a separate colour.

DIY Felt Cup Sleeve 4

Now, place the hearts on top of the sleeve where you would like to sew them, from largest to smallest. I placed mine directly opposite the join in the felt to ensure that when I was looking at it from the front, I would not see it.

DIY Felt Cup Sleeve 5

The last step is to sew a line directly down the middle of the smallest heart, either by hand or with your machine. Now, just slide it onto the cup.

DIY Felt Cup Sleeve 6

DIY Felt Cup Sleeve 7

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