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DIY: Decorated Baubles


DIY Christmas Baubles

I adore putting up my Christmas decorations – usually I’m pretty keen to get them ready by December 1st, but this year we had to be a little earlier as we’re away for a couple weekends and we just couldn’t bear waiting until mid-December to make our home feel ready for the festive season. And who doesn’t love unique or homemade decorations to really make Christmas feel special. Our tree went up yesterday and I thought it might be fun to break out some clear baubles and pretty them up a bit with a few things I had in my crafting collection.

DIY Christmas Baubles 1

DIY Christmas Baubles 2

DIY Christmas Baubles 3

^^ These are the clear baubles I used, and I love them – the tops are super easy to take off, they are really light, so they should hang beautifully on your tree without pulling down the branches and they were also very inexpensive.

DIY Christmas Baubles 4

DIY Christmas Baubles 5

^^ I had some fluffy pom pom balls left over from this Halloween Garland, so I took out all the white ones and stuffed them inside, which really is about as easy as it gets.

DIY Christmas Baubles 6

DIY Christmas Baubles 7

DIY Christmas Baubles 8

DIY Christmas Baubles 9

^^ Next up was the acrylic paint. All you need to do is squirt some acrylic paint right inside the bauble and then swirl it around until as much as you want is covered. I varied between covering the whole of the inside, and covering just a half or so, just to vary things a little. If you’re covering the entire inside, then dry upside down, with the opening resting on some scrap paper, but if you’re only covering a portion then use less paint and dry with the opening at the top, so the paint doesn’t drip down and ruin the effect.

DIY Christmas Baubles 10

DIY Christmas Baubles 11

^^ This one is achieved by simply pouring as much glitter as you fancy into the opening of the bauble and screwing the lid back on. Some of it will stick to the sides, but it will mostly sit at the bottom and shimmer beautifully, unless you shake it and then a glitter party is on the cards!

DIY Christmas Baubles 12

DIY Christmas Baubles 13

DIY Christmas Baubles 14

DIY Christmas Baubles 15

DIY Christmas Baubles 16

^^ For a glitter all over look, first pour in some craft glue and swirl around in the same effect as the paint, then pour in some glitter, cover the top and shake to your heart’s content. You’ll have to pour out an excess glitter that doesn’t stick, but then you can dry upside down, as with the painted baubles, and leave to dry. The last step on each of these baubles is to tie some coloured ribbon or string to the hoop on the top to make a loop big enough to hang the decoration onto your tree.

Voila, you have yourself a set of unique, homemade decorations that would look beautiful on any tree! Of course, this can be adapted to any colours or supplies you fancy, just don’t use anything too heavy, as the decoration won’t hang correctly, if at all, if the top doesn’t stay on. You can make those tops more secure by using super glue to keep them on tight, but remember that you won’t be able to remove them if you decide on that.

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  1. Hi, do you know where I can buy those clear baubles? They look like a great diy idea for Christmas this year! Thanks!

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