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DIY: Breakfast in Bed Tray


Breakfast in Bed Tray

If you know anything at all about me, you’ll know I’m not about big gestures. I won’t necessarily be impressed with expensive presents, if something smaller and more modest has had more thought put into it. I’m about the simple pleasures in life and spending the every day with those that mean the most to me, not picking out one day in the year when you’re meant to somehow ‘prove’ how much you love someone. My favourite gifts are the little ones, a gesture of someone doing something kind for you, or a novelty gift that a special someone knows you’ll just love. This Valentine’s Day will be spent casually in our house, a very lazy day I expect, with little fanfare. One of my favourite ways to spend a weekend is enjoying a long morning of lounging in bed, watching movies and eating breakfast whenever we want to. If someone was hoping to impress me, then a simple breakfast in bed like this one would do just the trick. If your other half is not into all that is Valentine’s Day, then try something like this, and you’re sure to keep them happy¬†well into Valentine’s afternoon.


  • A tray, or any flat service really
  • Favourite breakfast items – for me this is freshly warmed croissants with jam
  • A hot drink – my choice would be tea, but coffee would be many people’s favourite
  • Fruit juice
  • A treat – you can’t go wrong with some luxurious, tasty chocolates
  1. Carefully fill your tray with all the breakfast items your beloved enjoys. This could be toast, pastries, or anything else really. Go for something that’s a little less healthy – it’s a weekend, after all, and is about spoiling that person. Forget about the diet until Monday.
  2. Their favourite hot beverage, no matter what effort is involved. If they love a specific coffee drink, make it for them – this makes it even more special and really shows the thought you’ve put in.
  3. Some juice, just to start their day off with a little fresh and tasty fruit. Starting the day with an orange juice, pastries and a cup of tea or coffee reminds me of staying at hotels away from home, which makes the whole thing more out of the ordinary.
  4. And if you can’t start the day off with chocolate on Valentine’s Day, then when can you? Just a little treat to show them that you care.
  5. Bring the tray of goodies to them just as they’re waking up, starting the day off in the best possible way. Take your time and enjoy the laziness of breakfast in bed, Valentine’s Day doesn’t often happen on Saturday, so make the most of it.

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Breakfast in Bed Tray 3

Breakfast in Bed Tray 4

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