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DIY: A Last Minute Gift Basket


Last Minute Gift Basket

I have been known to previously give out baskets of goodies as gifts – just this past January I made a care package for a loved one going through a difficult time, and I shared about it here. So, when I was thinking about what would make a good last minute gift for someone I thought about the idea of a gift basket and all the little stocking fillers that can come together to make a really great, thoughtful gift for a special person in your life. I think I’ll go into this in more detail another time, coming up with baskets that have specific themes for different occasions through the year, but for now I’m going to show you one that’s perfect as a last minute Christmas gift idea.

Last Minute Gift Basket 2

To put one together is about as simple as it gets really.

  • Find a container – this can be a cardboard box you can wrap with pretty paper, or a more attractive basket or container you can pick up inexpensively at home stores.
  • Grab together a little bit of everything of what the person might like – set a budget for the whole thing, then start buying reasonably priced items and have them to hand.
  • Line the container with paper and / or confetti, anything to make it a little festive.
  • Place things inside, placing as you want to so that you can see most things but have to delve a little deeper to get to it all.
  • Wrap up the box as attractively as you like and enjoy the feeling of handing over something thoughtful and practical.

Last Minute Gift Basket 3

Last Minute Gift Basket 4

Last Minute Gift Basket 5

Last Minute Gift Basket 6

Last Minute Gift Basket 7

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