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Detox in a Box


Detox Box 1

I’d never bought Champneys products before – I’d always been tempted and heard good things, but I couldn’t ever really justify buying their products at a higher price point than I’m used to spending. However, after their Detox in a Box set was reduced in price to almost half, I finally gave in and parted with some cash. It’s a very attractive gift set and contains 4 products that I would definitely use at home, so I’m excited to really get started with them. My first impressions are all positive though, large sized items, good textures and scents and really lovely packaging. I look forward to some pampering nights spent detoxing and feeling firmer and more refreshed. I’ll update you in a few weeks, once I’ve made an opinion on each one.

Detox Box 2

Detox Box 3

Detox Box 4

Detox Box 5

Detox Box 6

Detox Box 7

Detox Box 8

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