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Decoration Updates


We’ve kicked up decorating our home a bit more, having taken on painting of both the hallway and the second bedroom. It’s a great feeling to start making the place feel a bit more ‘ours’, after being in for 9 months. We were advised to wait this long to begin painting to allow the house to settle, with it being a new build house, but now that the nicer weather is coming, it’s nice to get things moving along. Below is the colour we chose for the hallway, a gorgeous purple, which adds a lovely warmth as you enter our home. We hope to also have this colour, and other variants of it going up the stairs and onto the landing area, but it’s nice to even get this section done so far, with is being such a beautiful colour.

Decorating Updates 1

And three walls in the second bedroom have been painted this fabulous mushroom colour, with the fourth wall being reserved for the wallpaper shown in the photograph below. This colour is my favourite in the house, and I love that we’re mixing it with a couple of bright pops of colour which are featured in the wallpaper. We hope to buy a bed before the end of the year, to allow it to become a functional spare bedroom, and I also hope to set up a desk in there too, so it’s great for it to be developing nicely.

Decorating Updates 2

Decorating Updates 3

Keep following on our decorating journey, it’s coming along great, and I’m excited to keep sharing!

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