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Business Cards 1

With our little bloggers trip to Amsterdam planned for early next month, we thought it would be a good opportunity for a bit of self-promotion, so we decided to order ourselves some business cards that we could give out to people we meet to get them to visit the blog. Hopefully it will help us attract a few more extra visitors and generate a bit of word-of-month advertising. We wanted to keep the design as simple as possible, a bit like what we’ve done with the layout of the site, so that the content sort of speaks for itself.

To add a bit of extra prettiness we decided to paint the edges of the cards in gold so thought we’d share a really simple guide on how to achieve the effect yourselves.


  • Extra thick business cards
  • Paint
  • Plate for the paint
  • Sponge brush
  1. With your one hand hold a stack of the business cards tightly so that all the edges are lined up.
  2. Paint each edge of the stack, making sure to cover each card evenly.
  3. Leave the cards to dry.

Business Cards 2

Business Cards 3

Business Cards 4

Business Cards 5

Business Cards 6

Business Cards 7

Business Cards 8

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