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Counting My Blessings



Since Christmas I have been having one of those periods where things are all a bit blah – work sucks, the weather sucks, the holidays have passed (which sucks, as I am seeing my family less) and I am feeling less motivated and creative. Don’t get me wrong, I am happily keeping the blog going and don’t feel like things around here have been affected by my ‘blogger’s block’, so to speak, but January felt like a looooong one. But, then there are those times, when I come away from the office at the end of the day and I sit at home with my boy after dinner, and I feel very grateful for many things and I get angry at myself for getting down in the dumps. No, I don’t have a job that satisfies me or a bank account filled with money, but I do have plenty to be happy about and I remind myself of this when I’ve had a bad day:

1. My relationship

I have been with my boy now for over four years and things with us are better than ever. I know I have found the guy I want to be with forever and that is just a wonderful feeling. My favourite part of the day is when we’re at home, in our new house that we bought together and we are simply eating dinner together or on the couch watching Supernatural. He is wonderful – a true support to me in everything I do. This makes me happy.

2. My family

I have a wonderful family; I adore them all and am lucky to call them my flesh and blood. I visit home at least twice a week, as it’s super important to me that we’re not out of contact for long, and I speak to my sister for hours everyday through e-mail and text, so I know just how important they are. Making time for them is something I will always plan to do, no matter how busy things get and having them is something I will never forget to be grateful for.

3. My home

I am super grateful that I get to own my own home at 26. I know there are plenty of people who don’t get to achieve this goal in their lifetimes, but I worked hard to build up the money with my boy for a deposit on our home. We had to find a more affordable area and we went for something a little smaller, but having a place to call our own is an amazing feeling and knowing that this is just the start of our life together is pretty exciting.

4. My blog

I am definitely thankful that I get to run this little blog. It may not get hundreds of thousands of visitors every month, but we are growing steadily and I just love this little place we have built for ourselves on the web. This is my creative outlet, the spot where I get to show you lovely people all the things I bake, craft and photograph. It would be my dream that this could one day be my career, but for now, I just love getting to share things with you. For you, I am grateful.

5. My hopes

I like to dream. I like to plan and to hope that I’ll get to achieve all that I want to over my lifetime. This keeps me going on bad days in work, when I feel frustrated and under-appreciated. I keep thinking about those things that I want to do, those memories I want to make, and it all feels a little more worth it. Those extra pennies saved each month will help me to build this blog, or to get to travel with my boy – these are the things that motivate me to keep moving forward. What’s the point in travelling backwards, right?

We’ll all get there in the end if we work hard enough. So, what keeps you motivated?

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  1. Oh how I can relate to that first paragraph at the moment!! But reading that makes me think twice about complaining… I need to remember to count my blessings more often. Thanks for reminding me! :)

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