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Recipe: Chocolate Rice Treats


Rice Crispy Cakes

I’m not the biggest fan of receiving chocolate at Easter time; I know it’s traditional, but I don’t like feeling obliged to eat a whole ton of chocolate because someone bought it for you. Not that I don’t appreciate the sentiment, I do, but I also have a bikini to get into at the end of May and this won’t help my cause! If I am going to eat chocolate around Easter time then I’d rather some tasty rice crispy cakes, with their simple ingredients of rice cereal and milk chocolate. I thought I’d give some a go this year and mix them up a bit with some alternative toppings. So, here’s my (incredibly simple) recipe for scrummy crispy rice treats.

P.S. I apologise for the photos, I took the ones below at night in the kitchen and didn’t have any natural light available.

What you’ll need (Makes 24)

Rice Crispy Cakes 2

200g milk chocolate

180g rice cereal (I used a supermarket brand, but there are plenty of choices out there)

Various toppings (mini eggs, shredded coconut, white chocolate chips, crumbled oreo cookies, etc.)

Paper cake cases placed in a muffin tin


Rice Crispy Cakes 3

1) Melt the chocolate. You have choices on how to do this – either in the microwave (mixing between a few short bursts of heat) or heating a bowl filled with chocolate chunks over lightly simmering water in a saucepan. Make sure you stir constantly. As you can see, I did it sans electrical appliance. Take the chocolate off the heat once completely melted.

Rice Crispy Cakes 4

Rice Crispy Cakes 5

2) Pour the rice cereal into the melted chocolate until all of the cereal is completely covered in chocolate. It may, at first, look like there’s too much cereal for the chocolate, but it will all cover after plenty of stirring.

Rice Crispy Cakes 6

Rice Crispy Cakes 7

Rice Crispy Cakes 8

3) Split the mixture between paper cake cases. I used a tablespoon to help me do this with as little mess as possible. Use a rubber spatula to get every last drop of mixture out of the bowl.

Rice Crispy Cakes 9

Rice Crispy Cakes 10

5) Decorate the cakes however you like. I raided the cupboards to find anything I could use that would be suitable to top these wonderful creations and it’s great because it caters to the taste of everyone in the family. My four choices were white chocolate chips, shredded coconut, mini eggs and crushed oreos. My favourite is the traditional Mini Eggs topping. Goes down a treat.

6) *Optional* Lick the bowl clean :)

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