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Check & Tartan


One of the biggest trends around at the moment is check and tartan, and it doesn’t just come in the standard black and red if they’re not really your colours. Whether you’re looking for something that makes a statement or something a little more subtle, you’ve got all the options you could ever want. One of my favourite items I came across were these gorgeous ballet slippers which will keep your feet lovely and toasty with their white fluffy lining. If you’d rather not wear such a strong pattern, you can always bring the trend into your home with a cosy cushion that will fit right in with the reds and whites of Christmas.

1. Tartan Check Shirt; 2. Check Borg Collar Coat; 3. Red Tartan Check Skater Skirt; 4. Grey Check Contrast Collar Tea Dress; 5. Red Check Cushion; 6. Red Check Ballet Slipper; 7. Checked Scarf; 8. Red Tartan Legging

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