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I haven’t really bought into the celebrity book fad that seems to have taken over the last few years. It seems like anyone in the spotlight has something to say and, whether they should or not, they’ve forced a book out with little substance and using their name to shift sales. That seems to be changing now, with a new collection of famous faces putting more effort into the stories and advice they’re sharing and providing genuinely useful information about a whole range of subjects. I’ve been looking around online for newly released or books that are coming soon and these are the ones I’ll be looking to buy – I may have even pre-ordered a couple of them already ;)

Celeb Books

Lauren Conrad: CelebrateChip & Joanna Gaines: The Magnolia StoryChrissy Teigen: CravingsKate Hudson: Pretty HappyKristin Cavallari: Balancing in HeelsCameron Diaz: The Longevity Book

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