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Homeware Picks

January 18, 2016

As my husband and I move closer to moving house, I find myself more drawn than ever to new homeware picks, in my head already filling up our new home with pretty things! I can’t wait to get in somewhere larger and more suitable for our family so that I can get stuck into decorating it with items I love, so here are a few things that have caught my eye this week.

Homewares - January 2015

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A Most Inspiring Home

January 12, 2016

I’m a huge fan of interior design shows, and interior design in general, so when I discovered HGTV’s Fixer Upper last year I simply fell in love. Every home they redesigned became a gorgeous and homely living space and I couldn’t get enough of their style and skills. Chip and Joanna Gaines are the couple behind the renovations and I’ve been gathering snippets of their makeovers to draw inspiration from ready for when we move house. When taking a look at Joanna’s blog, I came across a tour of their very own home and I couldn’t have loved what I saw more. Here are my favourite aspects.

Inspiring Home 1

Inspiring Home 2

Inspiring Home 3

Inspiring Home 4

Inspiring Home 5

Inspiring Home 6

Inspiring Home 7

Inspiring Home 8

Inspiring Home 9

Inspiring Home 10

Photos by Molly Winn Photography from Magnolia Market.

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Copper Homeware

October 20, 2015

When people think of adding a few metallic touches to their homes the obvious choices are silver and gold, but in recent years copper has become an increasingly popular choice as a bit of a warmer alternative. It can be added to the kitchen or maybe the living room to add a level of sophistication and give any room a modern edge. I’ve picked out a few of my favourite pieces for you to look at.

copper homeware


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Room renovation: An update

September 29, 2015

Renovation Update 1

You may remember a few weeks ago I posted a photo of the walls to our spare room after we’d completed the first task of our redecoration by painting. Since then we’ve purchased a day bed, and hung a few bits and pieces to make it a more useable space, so I thought I’d post some updated photos to give you an idea of the final product. We’re trying to keep the room as clutter-free as possible as that was a major problem we had with it previously, and it left the room virtually unusable, so now that we’ve put the effort into making it more presentable, we’re planning on keeping it clean and tidy.

Renovation Update 2

Renovation Update 3

Renovation Update 4

Renovation Update 5

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Room renovation

September 4, 2015

Renovation 1

Since moving into our first house together just over a year ago, my fiancé and I had found that our spare bedroom had become somewhat of a dumping ground for a lot of our belongings. We had been utilizing the space to some extent, with both of us having desks set-up, but all the extra bits and bobs cluttering up the floor space meant the room felt small and messy. With G starting his next round of exams in the coming weeks, it felt like the perfect opportunity to give the room an overhaul to make it a more relaxing place for him to get work done, but also to double up as a place for people to stay, when needed. The main task at hand was to paint all four walls, which we have just completed, so all that’s now left to do is furnish the room and add any extra pictures or frames to make it more homely. With this in mind, I’ve put together a few pieces that I’ve found online that I’m considering getting to match our chosen colour scheme. I will be sure to post photos when the room is finished.

Renovation 2