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Pandora & Disney

November 6, 2015

One brand Lucy fell in love with whilst in Florida:

Disney & Pandora

“I have never really been into the Pandora bracelet trend. Although I thought they were pretty, it seemed like I saw them everywhere in the UK and everyone seemed to have one. However, before we headed over to Florida last month I stumbled upon the Disney collection of Pandora charms and instantly fell head over heels. A few days into our holiday, we headed to the mall and I popped into the Pandora store, wanting to take a look at what was on offer. Well, let’s just say that I didn’t leave empty handed and spent the rest of our holiday picking up my favourite charms from a few different Disney locations. I am so glad I chose to buy the bracelet, and plan to try and pick up charms whenever I manage to head out to the US, knowing that so few UK folks will own the same pieces as me. Plus, it’s lovely to have another lasting reminder of our holiday of a lifetime and the best memories. Here’s a look at my bracelet.”

Disney & Pandora 2

Disney & Pandora 3

Disney & Pandora 4

Disney & Pandora 5

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My Halloween Costume: Vampire

October 29, 2015

halloween costume 1

As I explained in a previous post, the decision to celebrate Halloween this year was a bit of a last minute decision, so this made putting together a costume a bit tricky. Due to this, I decided to go with a simple outfit that I could put together easily and cheaply. I have dressed up many times over the years as everything from a tiger, to a cheerleader, to a wizard, so this year I thought I’d go with something a bit more traditional – a vampire. I figured this would be a fairly straightforward choice as the clothes can be pretty much your own choosing, and it’s the make-up that creates the final effect.

halloween costume 2

halloween costume 3

The dress I managed to pick up for a very reasonable £20, and it’s hopefully a part of the outfit I’ll get to wear again. I already had the studded shoes, so that was something I didn’t need to buy, and there’s no need for breaking them in before the night. I also already had the choker, and I haven’t worn that as much as I’d like, so this is a great opportunity to wear it again. I kept the red theme going from the dress to the fake nails. I like the mixture of glitter and plain colour, and think they’ll be good to use again, maybe at Christmas time. Lastly, I went for individual fangs rather than a full set of teeth so I think they’ll finish off the costume nicely.

halloween costume 4

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Tulle skirts: Pinterest

October 8, 2015

I’ve always wanted to own a tulle skirt. It’s a fabric I love, but it’s not something you see in the shops very often, that’s why when I saw this piece by Boohoo I had to snap it up. It was then that I faced the dilemma of trying to work out how to style it, as it’s very different to other skirts I’ve owed. I soon took to Pinterest to get a few ideas of what to pair it with and found loads of outfits I love.

Tulle Skirts


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My Disney Honeymoon Clothes

October 7, 2015

Lucy’s honeymoon is getting so close now, here’s what she has to say about all the Disney-related preparation she’s doing:

Disney Honeymoon Clothes

“I’m in full on preparation mode now that our honeymoon is less than two weeks away – packing has officially started, our tickets are printed and our passports are ready and waiting to be used. I’m very excited about it all and have been collecting together a few of the things I’ve bought for this special holiday, including all my Disney paraphernalia, of which I’ve built quite a collection over the last few months. It’s not my fault that some of my favourite stores (I’m looking at you Primark and Forever 21) stock so much great stuff and I can’t myself when I spot some of these cute pieces. So, I’m pretty much set for 10 years of visits to any Disney-related location. Take a look at some of my favourites.”

Disney Honeymoon Clothes 2

Disney Honeymoon Clothes 3

Disney Honeymoon Clothes 4

Disney Honeymoon Clothes 5

Disney Honeymoon Clothes 6

I even have two Mickey and Minnie ponchos for those rainy days!

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Opal Nails

August 24, 2015

I’m a big fan of pastel colours and because of that I love the gemstone opal, as it contains an array of rainbow shades that shimmer beautifully in the light. It’s a great effect to add to nails as it can be done with a marbling of pinks, purples, blues and greens or can be achieved with an iridescent glitter polish, with added embellishments to add depth and detail.

Opal Nails