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DIY: Honeymoon Memory Box

January 7, 2016

Honeymoon Memory Box

After my amazing sister made us a memory box after our wedding (see here), I knew I’d have to do something similar with bits and pieces we collected from our honeymoon so that they could hang somewhere together and bring back all kinds of amazing memories. This past week I sat down with all the little things that represented the best times we had and made a new box ready to be displayed. Here’s a little of the process, in case you’re thinking of making something similar.

Honeymoon Memory Box 2

The first thing I did was collect together everything I wanted to include, too much in fact, so I could see what worked and leave out anything I wasn’t 100% about. This included a few photo booth photos and instant prints from my Instax, as well as pressed coins, a Mickey straw and a badge we got in Magic Kingdom on the first day. Everything else came from scrapbooking supplies I already had, including some 3×4 and 6×4 cards and a few embellishments.

Honeymoon Memory Box 3

Honeymoon Memory Box 4

I used either the pins included within the memory box or some double sided sticky dots to adhere everything to the background in just the right place. Everything overlaps but is still clearly visible and is a good mixture of us and the locations we visited, so I’m happy with the way it comes across.

Honeymoon Memory Box 5

Honeymoon Memory Box 6

Yes, our honeymoon was much more than just Walt Disney World, but it felt like just the right theme for this box given the little things we had and the main purpose of our trip. I’m currently making a photo book to capture the whole thing, so that will include much more, but this is the perfect memento to solidify some of those happiest memories.

Honeymoon Memory Box 7


  • Approx. 12×12 memory box
  • Pins and adhesive
  • Crate Paper Journey Die Cut Wood Pieces
  • Single Stories Enchanted Self-Adhesive Bradz
  • A variety of journalling cards
  • Little mementos (photos, tokens, tickets, pins, etc)

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DIY: Decorated mason jars

October 1, 2015

Painted jars 1


  • Mason jar
  • Chalk paint
  • Sponge brush
  1. Mix the chalk paint thoroughly to make sure you get an even colour throughout the pot.
  2. Paint the outside of the jar.
  3. Wait for the first coat to dry completely before applying your second coat.
  4. Depending how rustic you want the jar to look, you can apply a third coat to create more of a coverage.
  5. Wait for your final coat of paint to dry and add your chosen flowers.

Painted jars 2

Painted jars 3

Painted jars 4

Painted jars 5

Painted jars 6

Painted jars 7

Painted jars 8

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DIY: Marquee Lighting

September 25, 2015

DIY Marquee Lighting 11

I’d always planned on using marquee letters at my wedding. A few months ago I’d picked up some miniature wooden letters with the view to drilling the holes myself, filling them with some fairy lights and finishing them off with a bit of paint. That was until I discovered Marquee Love by Heidi Swapp, and it made my life a whole lot simpler. These white cardboard letters come with the holes already drilled, the LED lights already supplied and all I have to do is decorate them to my heart’s content. The letters come with a template that can be used to trace and cut out different card and paper in the specific shape to fit, and this will be perfect for after the wedding when I want to use the letters in my house and can use paper more suited to the room’s colour scheme. For now I have chosen to decorate them using shimmer paint to fit with the pink, lilac and baby blue theme. Here’s how I got on.


  • Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Lettering set
  • Thin white cardboard
  • Paint
  • Plate for the paint
  • Sponge brush
  1. Start by drawing around the shape template provided in the set of your chosen letter/number/shape on to thin white card, and cut it out.
  2. Paint the shape in your chosen colour.
  3. Once dry, push the clear bulb caps provided through the holes in your cardboard cut-out, then place the cut-out into your shape and push the bulb caps through the holes in the letter/number/shape.
  4. Next, turn your shape over and thread the lights as instructed in your set.
  5. Add 2x AAA batteries and light it up!

DIY Marquee Lighting 1

 DIY Marquee Lighting 2

DIY Marquee Lighting 3

DIY Marquee Lighting 4

DIY Marquee Lighting 5

DIY Marquee Lighting 6

DIY Marquee Lighting 7

DIY Marquee Lighting 8

DIY Marquee Lighting 9

DIY Marquee Lighting 10

DIY Marquee Lighting 12

DIY Marquee Lighting 13

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DIY: Confetti Cones

September 9, 2015

Confetti Cone 7

I’ve taken a leaf out of Lucy’s book and started making my own natural confetti ready for my wedding using dried flower petals. It’s an easy way to provide your guests with a pretty alternative to the artificial stuff that some venues are no longer allowing you to use. The throwing of confetti can be a brilliant photo opportunity so it’s a tradition I definitely want to include in my big day, and it should be a fairly cheap idea as I’m making it out of flowers I would have bought anyway, so it’s a great way to recycle. The making of the confetti is a fairly simple process, it’s just a case of gently pulling the petals off the centre, and drying them out in a warm place, such as a conservatory, so the DIY I’m posting about is the cones that will hold it. It’s a super simple idea that will your guests will appreciate, especially if they’ve forgotten to bring their own confetti to throw.


  • Thick decorative paper
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Confetti to fill
  1. From your piece of paper create equal size rectangles so that your cones will all be a similar  size and shape. Mine measured approximately 20cm by 30cm, and I was able to create 8.
  2. Fold the rectangle so that the two shortest sides meet, but only create a small 1cm crease at the bottom.
  3. Add a length of double-sided tape along the bottom right of the rectangle, from the crease to the right edge. Remove the backing of the tape to expose the sticky side.
  4. Using the crease as the bottom tip of the cone, roll the rectangle from the left, lightly pressing down as the double-sided tape sticks to the cone. Once rolled into the cone shape, carefully press down the sticky-taped edge.
  5. Add your confetti, using as little or as much as needed.

Confetti Cone 1

Confetti Cone 2

Confetti Cone 3

Confetti Cone 4

Confetti Cone 5

Confetti Cone 6

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DIY: Instagram Gift Box

September 7, 2015

DIY: Instagram Gift Box

This is such a simple DIY, but is still sure to be treasured by the recipient, as it’ll contain their treasured memories packaged up in the prettiest way. I love receiving photo gifts and I also love giving them to others, so this crafty DIY is right up my street. I printed these images using Polagram, which I reviewed here, just to give you an idea about the quality of these prints I’m using. Here you go on the simple steps.


  • Box big enough for 4×4 prints
  • Decorative accessories (tape, glitter, letters, etc)
  • Box filling / shredded paper
  • Prints
  1. Fill your box with the shredded paper, enough so that the prints sit will sit nicely on top.
  2. Decorate the lid of your box with lots of nice pretty things. I used gold detail washi tape, some gold glitter dots and some gold sticky letters. All were a couple of pound and were things I had around the house in my craft box.
  3. Pop your prints inside, close the box up and hand to the recipient.

DIY: Instagram Gift Box 2

DIY: Instagram Gift Box 3

DIY: Instagram Gift Box 4

DIY: Instagram Gift Box 5

DIY: Instagram Gift Box 6