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Bunting Tutorial: Part One


Bunting Tutorial - Part One

photo credit: Lucy

So, today, on a rare day off from work, we’ve been super busy! As we’ve told you several times over the last few weeks, we’re in the process of organising a baby shower for our 8-months pregnant older sister. There’s just a couple of weeks to go before the party, so we’re stepping up our tasks, this time with bunting. The shower will have a jungle-esque theme, with blue, green and orange being the colours we use. We bought the fabric from ebay, twine from a craft store and then began the fairly simple process of making it. We’ve set up this tutorial to show you how you can make bunting too, let us know what you think! Part two coming tomorrow.

1. Draw your triangle, the size of the flag you want, on an a4 piece of paper. We used a triangle that was 30 cm x 30 cm x 21 cm. Cut this out.
2. Cut out a second triangle of the same size.
3. Also make a small strip of paper, 21 cm x 2 cm and set these next to each other.
4. Tape these shapes together to make one large diamond shape.
5. Choose the fabric you want to use; we used blue, green and orange spotted fabric, each with different sized spots.
6. Pin the triangle shape onto the fabric.
7. Cut the fabric around the shape.
8. This will create a fabric diamond ready to be sewn.

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