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I’ve booked in my first proper wedding related this week and I’m already super excited for it! Brides magazine are hosting a wedding show in London for the first time in October and it promises to be a magical, inspiring affair, featuring a ton of attractions and exhibitors displaying everything us brides-to-be could ever need when putting together a dream wedding. From reception styling and DIY to a catwalk and honeymoon advice, it seems like there’s going to be so much to see and so many ideas to take away, that I know I’ll have to take my camera and a notebook along with me for the ride. I promise to keep you guys updated on what I find come October 12th and I can’t wait to share some gorgeous photos. I’ve even booked myself in for a Bobbi Brown make-up consultation, so I’m hoping to pick up a few valuable beauty tips too. I’m counting down the weeks already!

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