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Bonfire Night Fun


We enjoyed some firework fun this bonfire night, as we gathered at my parents’ house for a small garden display. The girls and my nephew stayed inside behind the glass, while the boys were outside dealing with setting the little colourful explosions off into the night sky. Most of our choices were of the fountain variety, as the rockets tend to shoot out of sight, but our favourites were the Catherine wheel and, later, the sparklers we enjoyed outside. My nephew, at 2-years-old, was a little unsure at some of the louder bangs, but he did enjoy some of the sparkles and colours on offer and definitely appreciated when the sparklers came out, as he watched in wonder as we danced them around. I hope that if you’re seeing any displays this season, that you’ll have a fun and safe time.

Fireworks 1

Fireworks 2

Fireworks 3

Fireworks 4

Fireworks 5

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