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Birthday via Instagram


Our birthday was on Friday, and we had a great time celebrating with our loved ones. It’s my turn today to show you my Instagram photos showing a bit of what I got up to.

Instagram Birthday

1. My friend from work baked me some delicious little chocolate cupcakes for my last day in work before my birthday weekend. They were so yummy.

2. Our birthday Friday started with a breakfast with our other halves – it was sooo good.

3. This is the delightful gift Hana got for me – we are hoping to head to Florida for our honeymoon, so this will be a great help for saving up the pennies.

4. Having a great time celebrating together – it’s so nice to share in the excitement as a twin on your birthday.

5. The beautiful hotel my boy booked us into for the night of my birthday – he’s a sweet one, and even managed to get us an upgrade.

6. He also treated me to a slap-up meal in the hotel’s restaurant. I’ve got a keeper.

7. We still had a pretty early night – it’s a habit of ours to be in bed by around 10 each Friday night – a week at work does that to you. But it’s one of my favourite places in the world, to be snuggled up together while watching a bit of TV.

8. The fireplace in the lobby of our hotel; we got to enjoy this before we checked out.

9. A delicious Christmassy drink during a little trip me, Hana and our parents took on Saturday. Another great day.

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