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Be Body Beautiful by Lucy Mecklenburgh



I don’t think I’m alone in thinking January is a great time to consider a healthier lifestyle. You’ve overindulged over the Christmas period and are ready to give your daily diet and exercise plan an overhaul or perhaps you’re even wanting to start from scratch. I’ve not picked up any particularly bad eating habits over the years but I certainly don’t eat as well as I should so I’ve decided to add more fruit and vegetables into my normal food consumption and up the amount I work-out. My self-motivation can be a little lacking at times so I decided to look for some assistance in the form of a book or DVD and came across this book written by Lucy Mecklenburgh.


What drew me to this one was the great mix of information about nutrition, delicious recipes and useful exercise plans. Instead of just dictating what you should and shouldn’t be eating, it gives lots of explanations as to why and what it means to your body. It provides weekly food plans, suggestions on things you should add and take-away from your mealtimes, and generally makes you think about what food you’re putting into your body.


It then goes on to explain exercises you can do in your own front room, with step-by-step guides on each. It sets challenges that are easy to fit in to your daily routine and means you can work up to more difficult exercises as you progress.


It’s help me think more carefully about each meal of the day and the snacks I eat in between. I’ve had the book nearly 3 weeks and I’ve already started eating healthier breakfasts such as blueberries with natural yogurt or a cherry tomato and onion omelette. Even though I didn’t need the book to tell me to make that change from my usual sugary cereals, it was definitely a motivation.


I haven’t been following it religiously, but I’ve been cooking at least two new recipes each week to see which ones will become a regular part of my diet. Another thing I love about the book is the mix of veggie and meat recipes. It can be difficult to cook for both me and my fiance with him being a meat eater and me not, but I can cook lovely, healthy things for both of us from the one book.


The last thing I’ve loved about the book is finding out a little more about Lucy and realising how down-t0-earth she is, which makes her very relatable. I haven’t read every single word, but what I have read has made me realise there are plenty of people out there who, like me, aren’t just changing their diet to lose weight, but want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and generally get a bit fitter. I’m looking forward to trying lots more recipes and seeing some improvement in my fitness.

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