Bareskin 1 You know by now that I love experimenting with different make-up products to find the best pieces to add to my collection. This week it’s the turn of BareMinerals most recent creation, their liquid foundation. I’ve previously used their powder foundations (see here and here), so wondered how they would fare  going into the liquid market. I have to say that although I’ve loved using the powders, I’ve always been a liquid girl at heart as was excited to give this new formula a go considering how much I adore BareMinerals as a brand.

Bareskin 2

Bareskin 3

Bareskin 4

I was colour matched at a local BareMinerals counter by one of their representatives, having been recommended the perfect shade for me (Bare Linen – a light shade with neutral undertones), and bought both the foundation itself as well as the Perfecting Face brush. It does bother me a little that I feel like I have to buy a specific brush each time I buy a new BareMinerals foundation, but I suppose that’s how they make a big chunk of their money and it does appear to be the best choice for applying it correctly.

Bareskin 5

Bareskin 6

Bareskin 7

It’s a pretty simple application too. Just shake the bottle, drop a small amount of the foundation into the hollow of the brush before buffing into the skin. Repeat with more drops all over your face depending on how much coverage you want. 2 drops is light, 4 drops is medium and 6 drops is more full.

Bareskin 8

Bareskin 9

Bareskin 10

After applying it my skin feels much more even in tone, without feeling weighed down by product. It has such a soft and silky texture that it actually feels beneficial to be wearing it and I’m looking forward to seeing brighter and more even tone on an every day basis. I don’t know if this will be my permanent foundation when this current bottle runs out, but it’s certainly a strong contender. I used the extra products featured in the photo above, as well as the Bareskin, to get the look shown above.

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