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Baking Books: A Dream Library


I could literally spend hours and hours looking at the baking cookbooks I’d like to own. I try and find as many as I can in the local libraries, but they don’t stock the ones I really want, and that’s a little irritating as I’d love to be able to try them out before parting with my cash – there’s nothing worse than buying a cookbook online and then finding that you don’t fancy trying quite as many of the recipes as you thought you would. That’s pretty much wasted money, right there. But, from looking at the reviews and pictures on online bookstores, these are the ones that have caught my eye as looking like the kinds of ones I’d fancy. Maybe I’ll stop by an actual bookstore soon and have a look at the ones that I really would like to buy.

Baking Books

Bouchon Bakery | Joy the Baker Cookbook | Baked Explorations

The Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook | Scandilicious Baking | Indulge

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