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Baby Zara: Total Cuteness


I’m a massive Zara fan, if you’ve visited before, you’ll likely know this already. And when I visited recently I wasn’t disappointed with the selection, but this time I wasn’t looking at outfits for me, I was looking at the baby clothes, and everything there was just adorable. So, I thought I’d bring some of my favourites over to show you, in case you’re looking for some items for your little ones.

Zara Girl

1. T-Shirt with Bow Print; 2. Raffia Ballerina Shoes; 3. Jacket with Butterfly Applique; 4. Plush Skinny Trousers; 5. Combined Dress; 6. Leather Sandals with Tacks; 7. Polka Dot Shirt; 8. Flamingo Print Skirt; 9. Jelly Shoes; 10. Animal T-Shirt.

All available from ZARA.

Zara Boy

1. Multicoloured Striped Sweater; 2. Cord Detail Bermudas; 3. Sailor Plimsoll; 4. Two Toned Stripe Sweater; 5. Twill Skinny Trousers; 6. Summer Leather Sandal; 7. Floral Swimming Bermudas; 8. Print T-shirt; 9. T-Shirt with Route Applique.

All available from ZARA.

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