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An Autumn Saturday


Autumn weekends are good ones, still often nice enough to spend time outdoors, but with the addition of a cosy knitted cardigan or a light scarf to keep out that little chill that starts to creep in. This weekend is turning into one of those type weekends, that in-between mixture of sunshine, chilly breezes and some light rainy showers. I went to see my boy play rugby with our local team today, and it was great to be out in the fresh air, seeing him enjoying his sport while I supported from the sidelines. And it’s such a treat to see the autumn season all around, from the rusty coloured leaves, to the low sunshine in the sky, not to mention the sweet rainbows that come after a sunny shower. It was a good Saturday.

Autumn Saturday 1

Autumn Saturday 2

Autumn Saturday 3

Autumn Saturday 4

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