30 by 30…

Obviously, this idea was created a long time ago by someone who hadn’t done much with their lives, and follows the notion that you set yourself a list of goals to achieve by the next of your ‘milestone’ birthdays. Being 24 and a half at first writing, that, for us, would be the ripe age of 30. To help us feel like we may actually achieve something by then we have each put together a list of 30 accomplishable activities / ideas / things to do that we hope to reach in the next 5 and a half years. 5 and a half years may seem a very long time to get around to doing these things, but many of them cost money (something which is often scarce), time (which there never seems to be enough of) and effort (which is lacking on days when you’d like to stay in bed all day watching old Friends episodes). However, everytime we do achieve one of the 30 goals the list will be updated and for those bigger events, which may be more believable with photographic evidence, we will create a blog post, and you can join in our delight of getting a little step closer to the big 3-0 (eek!).

So, prepare to be flabergasted (a word we use, but don’t know if it actually means anything) by the journey we will take in our effort to make all these dreams come true! Enjoy!

Lucy’s 30 by 30…

  1. Visit at least 3 U.S. states in one trip.
  2. Paint my nails a different colour every week for a year. Finished week beginning August 19th 2013. See here.
  3. Get this blog to 10,000 unique visitors a month.
  4. See a broadway show.
  5. Buy my own home. Done in July 2012 (yay!) – see here and here.
  6. Run on a treadmill for 30 minutes straight.
  7. Have a picnic. Done 26th July 2012 with my mum and nephew.
  8. Get  job that doesn’t require me to be in an office 9-5.
  9. Watch all Best Picture Oscar winners since the awards started in 1927 (the number of films will obviously increase with each year, but at the moment there are 84).
  10. Watch a sunrise & a sunset on the same day.
  11. Bake and blog about 20 different sweet treats. I hit this one in February 2013, we’re well into the 50’s now!
  12. Watch all of Disney’s animated movies, in order of release date.
  13. Buy something from Tiffany & Co.
  14. Visit Walt Disney World in Florida for the 3rd time.
  15. Get my 3rd tattoo.
  16. Have a bonfire on the beach.
  17. See Carrie Underwood in concert. London’s Royal Albert Hall on 21st June 2012.
  18. Read a novel in one day. Completed 4th September 2011.
  19. Own an iMac.
  20. Go camping.
  21. Become an aunt. So excited to have become one on 15th September 2011.
  22. Turn my mobile phone off for a whole weekend.
  23. Go blonder. Done, 4th May 2012 and went ombre in November 2012.
  24. Cook a three course meal, all from scratch, for me and my boy.
  25. Visit Ireland.
  26. Watch a fireworks show.
  27. Attend a wedding that’s not my own. Attended my cousin’s wedding on 2nd October 2011.
  28. Watch every Gilmore Girls episode from beginning to end. Finished the final episode on 22nd July 2011.
  29. Earn at least £100 selling things I’ve made.
  30. Get married. Done – 14th June 2015!

Hana’s 30 by 30…

  1. Visit Hawaii.
  2. Become an aunt. The delightful bundle of joy arrived on the 15th September 2011.
  3. Get another tattoo.
  4. Be in New York for New Year’s Eve.
  5. Buy my own home.
  6. Do something drastic to my hair (with professional help, of course).
  7. Go skinny dipping.
  8. See the eiffel tower up close.
  9. Get engaged.
  10. Sell a painting.
  11. Visit an historic city, like Rome.
  12. Learn to cook a complicated meal.
  13. Pass my driving test. I was very relieved to achieve this in September 2011.
  14. Go on the scariest ride at a theme park. So far this would have to be Air at Alton Towers in September 2011 – brilliant.
  15. Buy a pair of shoes worth more than £100.
  16. Read all 3 books in The Hunger Games trilogy. I am halfway through the second so making good progress.
  17. Get an autograph from a celebrity.
  18. Get over my fear of spiders.
  19. Watch all the movies from The Twilight Saga in one day.
  20. Help a friend find love.
  21. Visit a fortune teller.
  22. Own an item of clothing from the Paper Crown collection.
  23. Go camping.
  24. Get a new job even if it’s within the same department. I became Data Manager in my department in January 2014.
  25. Watch the Christmas lights being switched on in London.
  26. Help organise a hen party.

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