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A Sunny, Sunny Saturday


Sunny Weekend

Well, we’ve been having the best kind of weather over here, and we’re loving every second of it. We’ve been getting out into the sunshine as much as we can, with a visit from the family and enjoying a dinner date in a local pub. We also got to enjoy our backyard, with a picnic blanket and a homemade lunch. It’s been pure heaven, especially since rain is due to set in once the new week begins. We’re also getting away on vacation in just a month’s time, which we couldn’t be more excited about, and this weather is a practice run for 2 weeks of sunshine and relaxation. Let’s just hope we have some more warm and sunny weather to enjoy before then.

Sunny Weekend 1

Sunny Weekend 2

Sunny Weekend 3

Sunny Weekend 4

Sunny Weekend 5

Sunny Weekend 6

Sunny Weekend 7

Sunny Weekend 8

Sunny Weekend 9

Sunny Weekend 10

Sunny Weekend 11

Sunny Weekend 12

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