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A Summer Weekend by the Water


Summer Weekend by Water

Summer Weekend by Water 2

This past weekend was another sunny one – it seems like we’re having the best kind of summer so far – and so we made the most of it by spending the majority of time outside. This included a trip to a local food festival, sampling some delicious food and drink while walking around in the sunshine. I enjoyed a greek frappe followed by a gorgeous curried chickpea, coriander and coconut burger, while Hana gave some vegetable noodles a go and our boys were loving the local meats of the area.

Summer Weekend by Water 3

Summer Weekend by Water 4

A good day had by all, even if we were all pretty jealous of the yachts tied up at the water’s edge – we made a pact to go in together in 20 years to buy our own! I love local events, especially when they involve getting to taste fresh, local food and the weather is good to boot. We hope you had another great summer weekend.

Summer Weekend by Water 5

Summer Weekend by Water 6

Summer Weekend by Water 7

Photo Credit: Lucy

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