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A Relaxing Kind of a Weekend


This weekend was a pretty quiet one; I spent Saturday afternoon with my mum, while my boy was playing rugby, and when he was done we went to my sister and brother-in-law’s house, where we got take-out and were thoroughly entertained by my nephew now that he has found his legs! Sunday was one spent mostly at home, catching up on some TV, baking and sorting a few things out around the house. And we even had some lovely sunshine to enjoy, and a couple of plants in the house look as if they may begin blooming soon enough. Maybe Spring is on the way!

17/02/2013 1

17/02/2013 2

17/02/2013 3

17/02/2013 4

17/02/2013 5

And I also enjoyed some of the Valentine’s gifts I received, this Sarah Michelle Gellar offering from 1999, and some adorable heart-shaped chocolates. I hope you too had a lovely weekend.

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