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A Long Weekend to Relax


August Long Weekend

Today is Monday. And because it’s a bank holiday weekend, we get today off work, which really is welcome for me. There are not many nicer feelings that waking up on a Monday morning knowing that you don’t have to go into to work and the day is yours to do with it what you want. This weekend I took a break from the blog, just to give myself a chance to relax and enjoy some time away, and that is certainly what I did. It was a weekend of celebrating a friend’s birthday, eating a huge mixture of good (lots of fruit) and bad (fast food to cure a mild hangover) food, watching a ton of movies and trashy TV (hello, Kardashian marathon!) and having some pretty nice weather. I’m finishing up the last of my long weekend with a bit of magazine reading, wedding venue searching and iced coffee drinking, so I’ll leave you to your Monday afternoon, assuring you that we’ll be back for the rest of this week with our normal blogging schedule.

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