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A December Trip to London


We came back from an anniversary trip to London just yesterday and I loved every second of our short 24 hours away. It started with a first class train journey (this was a special treat and it was lovely) and we arrived in the big city at around lunchtime on Tuesday.

London Anniversary Trip 1

London Anniversary Trip 2

London Anniversary Trip 3

London Anniversary Trip 4

We decided to stay local for our first meal, with a trip to a popular pizza restaurant next to the hotel. I decided on a leggara style (thinner, crispier dough, under 500 calories, and the hole in the middle is filled with a rocket salad, santos tomatoes and shaved ricotta salata) with goats cheese, spinach, red & caramelised onions and garlic oil on top – it was one of the most delicious pizzas I’ve ever had and it didn’t take long for me to clear the plate.

London Anniversary Trip 5

London Anniversary Trip 7

The rest of the afternoon was spent looking around the shops of Oxford Street, where I crossed a few Christmas gifts off my list and my generous boy bought me a gorgeous sweatshirt from Pull & Bear as an anniversary gift. We also had a little look around the beautifully decorated Selfridges and enjoyed the atmosphere of their Christmas Shop and got to see the Christmas lights of Oxford Street in all their glory.

London Anniversary Trip 6

Once we’d gone back to the hotel for a quick shower and to get ready for our evening out, we had a drink in the hotel bar and then headed to Soho, where we ate at Bodean’s, an American BBQ restaurant. I had a caesar salad with pancetta and some sweet potato fries, and couldn’t resist picking some burnt ends from my boy’s plate across the table. This place was one of the best restaurants I’ve visited in a long while, with delicious food and a great atmosphere. I hope to make this a regular stop on any future London trips, if we’re lucky enough to find a table in this popular spot.

London Anniversary Trip 8

London Anniversary Trip 9

London Anniversary Trip 10

London Anniversary Trip 11

London Anniversary Trip 12

London Anniversary Trip 13

London Anniversary Trip 14

London Anniversary Trip 15

London Anniversary Trip 16

Wednesday morning started with breakfast in Brook’s Counter and Table, just a short walk from our hotel, before we headed to Portobello Road, where we wandered around the various shops, stopped for coffee and picked up a Black Bottom cupcake (a dark chocolate sponge with a cheesecake centre and a cream cheese frosting) from Hummingbird Bakery. By half past 3 Wednesday afternoon we were home and our short but sweet trip was over. It was the best trip I’ve taken in a long time and even though we only got to spend a short amount of time there, it once again made me realise just how much I love London. I’m more a fan of the little boroughs on the outskirts rather than the hugely crowded centre but I just adore it and would love to be able to go there more often. I would never enjoy the rush hour commute if I did work and live there, but if I was able to work from home or in one of those boroughs, I think I could make it my home. Of couse, I don’t think that could happen, with the super expensive houses in the most desirable areas, but at least I get to visit when I can and that’s just enough for me right now.

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