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A Birthday Weekend – Coffee Date, Bowling & Greek food


As you will have seen from our last post, we took about a months break from the blog to have a re-design and have a good think about where we wanted to go with the blog over the coming months and years. We’ve got lots of exciting new ideas that we’re currently working on to make the site more personal to us and give our readers a better insight into who we are. We’re really looking forward to featuring a bit more in our posts with more photos and videos, but we will still be including plenty of our usual recipes, DIYs and beauty features.

On that note, we had a lovely family-filled weekend in which we managed to take plenty of photos and videos, celebrating our older sister’s birthday with bowling and a trip to our local Greek restaurant. You’ll have noticed on the top of the post that we’ve created our first video. We thought we’d branch out a little from just taking photos as it means we’ve been able to capture even more of our weekend, and it gave us another opportunity to be creative and have a bit of fun.

Next flowers

Next light fixture

Caffe Nero drinks

Caffe Nero selfie

Caffe Nero caramelatte

Caffe Nero drinking tea

Sister birthday cake

Arcade Basketball

Drinks sign

Five Guys milkshake - Oreo, peanut butter and malted milk


Neon Hollywood sign

Mythos beer at Greek restaurant


Feta cheese starter

Tzatziki with pita bread starter

Toffee birthday cake

Multi-coloured candles

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